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Most promising province in Canada!

Investments Creating Jobs in Saskatchewan

As the current economic situation in the rest of the world continues to suffer, Saskatchewan still keeps creating jobs. Through strategic investments made by the Saskatchewan Party and the Federal government, jobs continually are created.

“Our government is making smart investments that will improve Saskatchewan’s infrastructure, inject additional capital into our economy, and keep people working during these tough economic times,” said Ritz. “This infrastructure will improve our quality of life, as well as help to boost our regional economy now and for years to come.”

“A total of 61 infrastructure projects in Saskatchewan will receive a joint federal-provincial investment of $160.2 million ($89.2 million federal, $71 million provincial) under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. With municipal and other contributions, the overall investment could grow to more than $209 million.”

Immigration into Saskatchewan is not likely to slow down either. The government of Saskatchewan is holding its stand on trying to attract as many as 10,000 new immigrants through the SINP immigration program. This combined with migration from across Canada to the province should again bring a surplus of people to the province.

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