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Most promising province in Canada!

Saskatoon: A place for great Business Opportunity

Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada
As we know Saskatchewan is a great place to come to and invest in. With the one of the lowest rates of unemployment in Canada, there are many employment opportunities and many ways prosper.

This has been the case for Sadik Rahman the new and proud owner of Swadesh Super market on 22nd street. He says “Saskatoon is a great place of opportunity; if people want to be successful, l think this is the spot.” Sadik is originally from Bangladesh. He came to Saskatoon in January of this year, after living in Montreal and running a grocery store there for 22 years. He is surprised and happy to find it was easy to open a new business in Saskatoon. He believes that businesses are allowed to thrive here because there are fewer restrictions than in other places. This allows entrepreneurs and the private sector to prosper and grow.

Sadik’s story shows us that there are endless opportunities in Saskatchewan for immigrants. With Saskatchewan becoming a diverse and multiethnic hub more people come from all over the world. The increasing number of jobs being created offers more opportunities and growth for the future.

Article by: Scott Larson, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

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