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Most promising province in Canada!

Working in Saskatchewan; Skilled Workers Required

Saskatchewan keeps breaking records even in a “recession” with job growth.

“Premier Brad Wall said the continuing strength of Saskatchewan’s economy is still creating many new opportunities for Saskatchewan people.”

This trend looks to continue with all the new mega projects starting in the province in 2009-2010. These projects range from Oil, Potash, Ethanol and Canola Crushing Plants.

Job Growth in Saskatchewan
Each time one of these projects starts in rural Saskatchewan it draws the skilled trades people out of the city which is creating jobs. The vacant positions in the cities need to be filled as well as the people moving to the communities require housing. This in turn creates a shortage of skilled workers to complete inter community projects and opens up opportunities for foreign workers.

“Despite layoffs in some sectors, Saskatchewan’s economy is still going strong and continuing to set job creation records,” Wall said. “We are blessed with a diverse economy and resource sector, and our government has taken the right steps to keep the economy moving forward through lower taxes and record investments in infrastructure.”

This is an enticing time for foreign investors and business owners to move into Saskatchewan marketplace especially with the new SINP business entrepreneur program set to start October 1st.

“Saskatchewan also continues to lead the country in job creation. From June 2008 to June 2009, the number of people working in the province increased by 14,500 – by far the most of any province. New Brunswick was the only other province to create jobs over the past year, with 3,000 more people working. Every other province lost jobs. Overall, Canada lost over 340,000 jobs during that same 12-month period.”

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